The iTero Element® isn’t just another intraoral scanner.

What was fast is now faster. iTero Element full arch scans can now be taken in as little as 60 seconds* – saving you time and improving patient experiences.

It’s Accurate. It’s Intuitive. And it’s changing practice workflows for the better.

Discover everything the iTero Element scanner has to offer.


Supreme Scanning with the iTero Element Wand


Scan in Seconds

With updated capabilities, complete a full intraoral scan in as few as 60 seconds.*
Quality is not sacrificed for quantity; it maintains precise accuracy even as the time it takes to scan has been greatly reduced.

Scan in Color

Color scanning can make it easier to distinguish between gingival and tooth structures for a more precise evaluation.
The color sensor and patented dual-aperture lens system captures both 2D color images and highly accurate 3D laser scannings.

Scan in Comfort

The smaller wand tip and
angled design make scanning
more comfortable for patients.

The engineering and compact
design promote positive patient experiences.


The iTero Element scanner has
reached over 1.2 million restorative
scans and counting.


The iTero Element scanner is
engineered to capture an impressive
6,000 frames per second.


Proven to pay for itself
in a year.**

Simply Stunning Software and Hardware Features

Introducing iTero TimeLapse Technology

Compare historical and current scans and quantify important oral changes over time – helping your patient
reach care decisions in a more engaging and informed way.

Multi-Bite Scan Feature

Maintain natural occlusion while capturing highly detailed multi-bite registration – then simply export as an STL file for third-party systems.

Invisalign® Outcome Simulator

Engage patients and increase conversion by showing patients the actual potential benefits of Invisalign treatment.

3D Progress Assessment Feature

Compare a patient’s new scan with a precise stage of their Invisalign treatment plan.

Real-time Visualization

Help patients understand oral concerns with visual identification right on screen.

Color Scanning

View vibrant, realistic color images to easily distinguish between gingival and dental tissue for more precise clinical evaluation.

Hi-Def Touch Screen

Scanned images appear instantly with crisp definition on the 19" high-definition, multi-touch display. The display also works with latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves.

Certified Connectivity Workflow

iTero Element scans are engineered to work with the Invisalign system, the exclusive Invisalign Outcome Simulator, OrthoCAD® and OrthoCAD Viewer. It’s also designed to connect to restorative and orthodontic labs, third-party treatment planning, custom implant abutment, chairside milling, and lab CAD/CAM systems.

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*With the iTero 1.5 software upgrade, patient scans can be completed in as little as 60 seconds with the same accuracy and reliability that you have come to expect from iTero scanners.

**For a doctor/practice committed to growing their practice utilizing iTero Element workflow, data on file shows that incorporating iTero Element scanner can pay for itself in the first year. A study with general dentists showed an average growth of 6 cases in the 12 months post iTero scanner integration, resulting in a $33,000 revenue surge. On this basis, the iTero Element scanner can pay for itself in less than a year.