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Visualize Improved Chairside Treatment Acceptance with
iTero Element® TimeLapse Technology

Shape the future of your practice with the iTero Element® with TimeLapse. It’s more than just an intraoral scanner; it’s the only scanner with the revolutionary technology to make chairside consults more productive for both you and your patients. Using a stunning visual that compares historical scans to a current scan, patients see for themselves the changes in their tooth wear, tooth movement, and changes in gingiva over time – encouraging them to accept treatment right at chairside.

By scanning your patients during routine visits, and comparing using TimeLapse, you’ll easily keep up with every patient’s history – saving you time and providing more in-depth data to better serve your patients.

The iTero Element with TimeLapse technology is shaping the future of preventative and restorative treatment for practices around the world.

Here’s what the experts are saying:

The iTero Element with TimeLapse Technology

Fast, Comfortable Scanning

In as little as 60 seconds* you can complete a full arch digital impression – which means every patient can be scanned at every visit with no impact on office workflow.

Visualized Oral Changes

iTero TimeLapse automatically extrapolates past and current scans into an animated image that shows oral changes right on the screen.

Qualified Oral Changes

Qualify oral changes and confirm your diagnoses using precisely measured and analyzed results from scan comparisons.

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iTero Element is Your Single Tool for Preventative Dentistry, Restorative Care, and Treatment Conversion.


Capture highly-detailed multi-bite scans of patients, show 3D progress assessment for Invisalign patients, and track your patients through time.



From TimeLapse to Real-Time Scanning, the technological advances of the iTero Element are more than bold – they make an impact on your entire office.



With our smallest footprint yet and varied form factors, your iTero Element will easily fit in amongst your other technology in any size room.



The entirely redesigned iTero Element wand offers advanced new features in a compact, ergonomic design for faster and more comfortable scanning.


Who is iTero Element with TimeLapse for?


General Practitioners

Visualized oral changes can improve chairside consults, resulting in increased treatment acceptance and new revenue opportunities.


Dental Hygienists

With intraoral scans done in as little as 60 seconds, the iTero Element can be easily and efficiently added into dental hygienists’ workflows.



Improve patient experiences with shorter scan times and easy-to-understand visuals of oral issues that educate and engage.

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